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2007年5月 4日 (金)

Ps. Rod from JLH - English Version

Sorry that I'm updating English version so late.

Anyway, I finally met Ps. Rod from Jesus Life House in Tokyo!!

He preached at all 4 services in Lighthosue church.

He message was so awsome!!

He aslo told us funny story about Japan. lol

I was a bit embarrased among my Aussie friends....

because everyone laughed so hard when he said

"When Japanese people get surprised, they say 'Heee~~~~'"

But, Ps.Rod is a wonderful pastor!!

His Japanses was really good as well!

He told us "Oyaji Gyagu" which is Dad's joke in Japanse.

He saw berries on yoghurt and said

"Uhmmm, berries....Very Yammy NE! Haha~~~ Oyaji Gyagu!!"

He is so funny....lol

God's arragement was just awsome because we had two new Japanses girls attended  the service and both of them could come to the lunch with Ps. Rod!!  We don't usually have Japanse people at our church now except me and Yuki who started coming from this year.

But those two grils said they really enjoyed the service and wanted to come again!!

Our God is awsome and always give us the best timing hey!! Thank you God!!

And...... I have done my mission!!!!

I had something important to say to Ps. Rod!

I promissed it to Jane!!

What I said to Ps. Rod was........

"Ps. Rod, please build Jesus Life house church in Osaka!!"

I heard from someone that it's gonna be in 2009! But I can't wait that long!!

BUt but but...Ps. Rod said

"Next year! Definitely!!"

He told me that there are already some psople who want to be a member of the team to built a new church in Osaka.

I said to him "I want to serve there! I want to help JLH in Osaka!!"

Then Ps. Rod told me many things that I need to do!

He is so quick!! I just met him on that day hey.

Anyway, it's good that he is so passionate an so am I!!

Well, firstly, he asked me if I can come to the meeting to prepare building up the team to build a new church in Osaka. Of course I said YES! Well, after I get back to JApan.

Then, he said to me that I need to connect with the people who want to come to JLH in Osaka. He asked me if I have "mixi" and to advertise about JLH in Osaka in mixi!! (I was surprised that he knew about mixi! lol)

So I advitise abotu it here now!!

Jesus Life House in Osaka will be starting from mid 2008 in Shinsaibashi!! Jesus Life House in Tokyo is a great church and JLH in Osaka will be great as well!! So if anyone wants to come to the church, want to help or just wanna have a look, please let me know!!!  YOu can send me an email. (chihiro12g@hotmail.co.jp)

The last thing he said to me was.......

"You have to be a good interpretor when you get back to Japan!"

Well......this is a bit difficult request.... I found interpretting is hard when my mum came to AUs.

I was translating mum's Japanses to English when we went to Jane's parents' house.

I translated 26 to.........  "Twenty - ROKU(six in Japanses)"

I got confused .......

So I can't do it with my own ability becasue I don't have good interpretor skills.

But if they need me to be a interpretor, why not? I will do it!! I know God will help me and give me wisdome.

Ps. Rod preached us about "Something lost, something gained" at the night service.

He said sometimes we have to give up something to live for God's purpose and in God's plan.

But God said we will gain more than we lose.


If we step forward, we will get more than we lose.

For me , I will give up Lighthosue church and my God's family here to go back to Japan and serve God in Osaka JLH.

I was born again here as a Christain.

I grew up here as a Christian.

I have all my sisters and brothers here.

The hardedest thing is to leave where Jane is.

I have known Jane since I wasn't Christian. So she knows all the struggles and attacks I had gone through. She know how I grew up. When she came back to Australia from Japan, we started Japanese Lifegroup and God's blessing was on us. Tow of the girls in the lifegroup got saved!!

She always gives me advices and encouragement as my leader, but also we always share struggles, sadness and joy as best friends!!

I'm sure we see each other on this earth again because she will visit Japan again and I will visit here again. BUt it's not gonna be the same as now.

If I wanna stay in my comfort zone, I'm sure I would stay here.

TO be honest, I feel a bit scared to go back to Japan.

I know some peopple who walked away from God after going back to Japan.

How is devil gonna attack my faith?

HOw am I gonna overcoem the difference of sense of value from my non-christain family.

I think if I just wanna protect my relatiohship with God and don't wanna be toched by anyone, I wouldn't go back because I think it's too dangerous. I know there is gonna be more attacks towards Christians in Japan.

But I don't wanna have God's love all to my self.

I wanna tell God's perfect love to my family, friends and people who are looking for true love!!

When the girls in my lifegroup got saved, it was my best best best moment I've ever had!!

I think the happiest moment is when I see people get saved and find ture love and hope in God. I wanna see more people will find the meaning of life!!

I often hear this message

"Get out of your comfort zone to grow up!!"

"I want more and more Japanses people to know about Jesus and accept him.

I want to help JLH in Osaka. I want more wonderful churches in JApan!!"

I believe that these passions I have is the same passions God has.

SO I'm gonna get out of my comfort zone and be challenged!!

I know God's gonna protect me!!


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I miss you

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